Hi, I'm Ellen! I love to bake and bring happiness to people.

At the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020 Pandemic, I baked everyday for 100 days to entertain my friends on Facebook and to keep myself busy. I started this website and my professional Instagram and Facebook accounts to sell my bakes and share information. I also offer free Challah Bakealongs.

If you are interested in purchasing some salty sweet bakes, please go to my Shop page for items I sell.

To sign up for a challah bakealong, please click here or fill out the form at the end of this page and mention in the comments that you would like to join a challah bakealong.

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram @SaltySweetBakes and my Facebook page @SaltySweetBakes to see my most recent bakes.

You can see my 100 Days of Corona Baking blog at www.coronabaking.wordpress.com.

I'm a home-based baker and follow Texas State Cottage Baking Regulations and have my food handler license.

Would you like to order something? Want to join a free challah bakealong? Have a question?

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