Salty Sweet Bakes

Micro-Bakery in Katy, TX

Hi! I'm Ellen, the baker, chocolatier, and blogger behind Salty Sweet Bakes.

My scratch bakery is located in Katy, Texas, and I specialize in breads, chocolates, and baked products that are lightly salty and lightly sweet. I use the highest quality ingredients so you can enjoy the best treats.

All my baked goods are delicious, taste fresh and natural, and must meet my high standards of deliciousness.

To order, head over to the Order tab and select what you like. If you don't see something, please let me know and I'll look into adding it to my menu.

Contact me through my Contact page or any of my social media platforms.

Salty Sweet Bakes Blog

You can follow my baking journey on Instagram, Facebook, and my blog on this website. I'm currently a student at Houston Community College's Pastry School and write about the recipes, my experience and lessons learned.


Please contact me at any of the social media platforms below. Or click on the email icon to fill out the contact form. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.